BRIE RUAIS Information  

Video still of making "Push Up, 132 lbs", Artist's Studio, 2013

Instructions for "Stationary Forward Spread", 2015

Start with a pile of 130 pounds of clay.
Plant your knees in the pile of clay.
Push the clay forward and away from your knees.
Spread the clay as far as you can reach without lifting your knees from the floor.
No need to spread it left, right, or behind.  Just think about moving it forward, tracing the motions of forward movement.
Stop before wearing through to the floor.
Stop when you cannot spread it further.
Stand up and, with a knife, cut the clay into small divisions, like detail shots of a larger image.
Fire. Glaze. Seal.
Hang on the wall like a map or a rug.

"Stationary Forward Spread (Salmon), 132lbs", 2015

Installation at Mesler/Feuer
"Unzipped Line and Circle (Black and White), 400 lbs, and "Unzipped Line and Circle (Raw Color), 400 lbs
Stationary Forward Spread (Burnt Silver), 132lbs

Installation at Mesler/Feuer
"Unzipped Line and Circle (Raw Color), 400 lbs, and "Double Unzipped, 450 lbs"
"Stationary Forward Spread (Burnt Silver), 132lbs", and "Stationary Forward Spread (Salmon), 132 lbs"

Installation at Mesler/Feuer
"Double Unzipped, 450 lbs"

"Rammed 3, 132 lbs", and "Rammed 2, 132 lbs", 2015

"Dugout Vessels (Gun Metal, Platinum, and Shino), 130lbs each", 2015

"Area Whole, 300 lbs.", 2014 and "Single Unzipped, 300 lbs.", 2014



Untitled Drawing and Photo, 2014

"Two Fold In, 134 lbs.", 2014 and Detail of "Dugout, 132 lbs" 2014

Detail of "Two Ways out from Center, Honey, 130 lbs.", 2013 and Detail of "Unzipped..." 2015

Installation at Lefebrve & Fils of "Raked Open, 132 lbs", 2014 and "Torn Hole, 132 lbs. (Blue)", 2014

Photograph and "Two Ways out from Center, No Rain, 132 lbs.", 2013
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