BRIE RUAIS Information  

"Wherever You Go, That's Where You Are", 2016
Video still

"Spreading Outward from Center"
Score for "Other Women's Bodies, 2015-2016”

You have a pile of white clay on the floor.  
The weight of the clay is equal to your body’s weight.
You have 15 minutes to complete this movement/score.
Kneel into the pile, using this pile as your center point.
Maintain this central position as you rotate.  
Spread the clay outwards in all directions, radially.
Feel your body's natural position in this gesture.
The limit of the outward spreading gesture is the distal reach of your body.
Always keep a part of your body (knees, feet) fixed in the center.
Spread this clay ground as if making a pie crust.  
The mound gets flattened and thinner as you spread it outward.
Apply enough pressure to skim the surface of the floor without breaking through the clay.
Stop when you have found the clay's limit of your distal reach, or 15 minutes have passed.


Scraped Body Vessel, 130lbs, 2016

Video still "Shore of LA River, 130lbs", 2016

Stretched Horizon, 130lbs, 2016

"According to the Body", Exhibition at Youngworld, Detroit 2016

"How to Be Simultaneously Self-Contained and Outside Yourself (This exercise reuires two people Build a vessel around your friend using
as much clay as neceassry to encloser her entire figure, then hang a rope for her to climb out.), 600lbs", 2016. Unfired clay, rope

"How to Be Self-Reflexive (Spread out double your body weight in clay then cut out two flaps to fold backwards on each other, creating a mobius.), 260lbs"
2016, Unfired clay

"Spreading Out From Copper Center, by Lizzie, 120lbs", 2016
Glazed ceramic, copper leaf, hardware. 52" x 54" x 1"

"How to Be Self-Supportive (Build a vertical structure using double your body weight in clay, then dig out your body weight
from the middle to create an arch. Pile the excavated clay on the top of the arch.), 260 lbs." 2016, Unfired Clay

"How to Wander (Push double your body weight in clay in a spiral, create hiccups along the way, then arbitrarily strike out in one direction.), 260lbs"
2016, Unfired clay

"Wherever You Go, That's Where You Are", 2016
Video, 6 min

Spreading out from Center, 128lbs, Test For Other Women's Bodies, 2015

Installation at Mesler/Feuer 2015
"Unzipped Line and Circle (Black and White), 400 lbs, and "Unzipped Line and Circle (Raw Color), 400 lbs
Stationary Forward Spread (Burnt Silver), 132lbs

Installation at Mesler/Feuer 2015
"Double Unzipped, 450 lbs"

"Rammed 3, 132 lbs", and "Rammed 2, 132 lbs", 2015

"Area Whole, 300 lbs.", 2014                                                           "Single Unzipped, 300 lbs.", 2014

"Raked Open, 132lbs", 2014. Glazed ceramic, hardware. 44x46x4 inches

"Two Gather (Two Pushes Merged), 268 lbs.", 2015                                      ýCorner Push, 132lbs (Metallic)ţ 2014

Video still of making "Push Up, 132 lbs", Artist's Studio, 2013